Wednesday, November 4, 2009



I’d like to welcome you to Assessment for Instruction.  The purpose of this site is a place to share, collaborate, and put into words my learnings and experiences regarding Formative Assessment and how it relates to improving and changing instruction.  I am looking forward to the conversations my ideas stimulate between you (the reader) and me (the writer).  I also hope you comment on my posts, that way I (the reader) can learn from you (the writer).  I also hope that these conversations don’t stop there.   My learning and your learning can grow even more with sharing ideas with other teachers, administrators, and Edu folk you know or meet.  

I believe that formative assessment should be an integral part of classroom time.  If our goal as educators is to increase student achievement and learning, then we must continuously assess where students are, what they understand, and what they are don’t understand.  My content emphasis will be focused on math.  That’s what I teach and know.  Although, the tools I will use, try and examine can be used in other classrooms.  I look forward to conversations about how different content teachers share how they utilize the tools in different content areas to assess their students’ learning. 

As I’ve stated earlier, I want this to be a conversation area.  I hope that we can learn from each other and can work to improve student achievement and learning in each of our schools!   

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