Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thoughts on cleaning

I've recently done some purging. I'm moving into my new office. This has given me the opportunity to sort through my "stuff" to decide what's important and what I need. There are things that look good, but do I need them to fulfill my duties at school? No...

I just did the same thing with the tweeps I'm following on twitter. I went through my list and made decisions.

"Does this person tweet useful information?"

"Do I learn from this person?"

These were the two main questions I looked at. I also looked at the last time they tweeted. There were some who haven't been active in months. Unfollow....

Now, why did I do this? It looks good if there are big numbers by my twitter id... but I've decided to follow those I find value in.

I also want to clean up my feed. I want the good stuff. I found myself moving very quickly through tweets... I probably missed some really good stuff..

I also noticed that I got a bunch of new followers in the last week. I engaged in some conversations regarding #iste10 . I imagine that some people started following lots of people who were there, or involved in those conversations. I welcome those followers, but hope they follow me because I provide them with something.

Just some thoughts on cleaning.. Is it a good time for you to clean?


  1. I've been doing this recently, too. I keep following new people and unfollowing some oldies that don't meet my needs.

  2. I just found your blog via Matt's after your presentation on assessment (points to learning). I've done some of this, my google reader was producing 50 or more posts for me to read each day and I can't do this once school starts up. Last spring, in an effort to re-allocate my time, I went through and unsubscribed to EVERYTHING. I've resubscribed to a few things, but it was refreshing to have an empty inbox some mornings.

    I look forward to hearing about your adventures as a new principal, its exciting stuff!